Welcome to our home: Chocolat Sweet Home. Sweet Life.

Chocolat is the Brand name of Rubicon Advisors, where we are proud of had being capable of join the expertise, seniority and compromiso of specialissed advisory and partners in the real-state field since 2008. We know the impact that our work has in the future life of the people and that´s why we focus in you. We have managed to humanize the segment of the luxe from a different and distinguishing point of view.

When everybody talk about exclusivity… we don´t have lots of properties and opened sale agreements. We understand exclusivity as something limited.

Through all my career its being really rewarding and effective to check the importance of dedicate our professional time to work with few customers that would be our focal point. We add new claims only before reaching our objectives with our customers, guaranteeing their experience beyond the services.

Yolanda Piris
Founding Partner & CEO

Nuria Ulecia

Professional career developed in the field of the media and editorials in relationship with style of live and fashion.

Businesswoman in the jewelry field for 14 years

Nuria has developed through all her career in the field of the decoration, construction projects and other commercial areas connected with this segment.

Rocío Ulloa
Senior Consultant

Rocío stand out in the real state world in Miami, US, with realtor licence for the estate of Florida.

Through all her career she had exercised in the firm Berckshire Hathaway-EWM Realty, inside the local prime market, increasing knowledge and relationships, also of resources and making profit of the operations for her own national and international client portfolio. Rocío arrives to Spain through the firm REMAX Invest, Madrid; with an advisor Collection and Commercial certificate

In Chocolat advisors, as Senior Consultant, she focuses her expertise to understand the specific needs of each customer, answering with the rigor and common stands, in common in the brand activity.

Victoria Hombravella
Senior Consultant

Victoria develop her career taking responsibility for business management, public relations and sponsorship, events and meetings in the field of free time/lifestyle for emblematic firms in Madrid like Florida Retiro, La Zarzuela Racecourse, The National Hall or the brand Casa Decor, model in the interior design in Spain.

Today she applies her best work at the prime segment inside Chocolat ADVISORS.

She has juggled her professional activity at real state, as commercial advisor for country houses and land in the firm REMAX Invest, with some activity with social objectives, like the Spanish Foundation against AIDS during the Honor Presidency of the Infanta Elena.

Silvia Ansaldo Adriaensens
Office Coordinator & PA to CEO

Silvia stands out by her activity and the responsibilities of help in the general direction in the administrative area, control, commercial and events, also in related aspects with the team management.

She has professional experience in different sectors in multinational inside Spain as also in United States (bank, national association in the events field, organization for the defense, recycling…)

Titled for The Mary Ward College in London.